What Are Signs Of Bad Parenting?


Parenting is surely a difficult task. Parents are humans and they can also make mistakes. These mistakes can lead to bad parenting. These mistakes can have adverse effects on the kid’s upbringing. In fact, every parent fears to be bad at parenting. After all, raising successful and good kids has become a competition among parents.

Different Signs Of Bad Parenting

What Are Signs Of Bad Parenting?
What Are Signs Of Bad Parenting?

Let’s learn about different signs of bad parenting and how they affect the kids.

Trying To Discipline The Child In Front Of Others

It is natural that you may lose patience with your kid at times. However, if you believe that disciplining him in front of others, especially his friends, would do good, you are following bad parenting. This kind of parenting may affect the kid’s confidence level and he can even develop a feeling of insecurity. Moreover, the kid may not want to meet other people in your company.

Giving Only Advice, No Encouragement

Such parents can give advice at the drop of a hat to the kid. In fact, they believe that giving advice to the kid is their birthright. However, when it comes to giving encouragement, the parents do not know a single thing. Such kids can turn into spoon feeders as they have never been given the right encouragement to try things on their own.

Withholding Any Form Of Affection

What Are Signs Of Bad Parenting?
What Are Signs Of Bad Parenting?

Bad parents do not believe in giving out any forms of affections. There are no hugs or ‘I love you’ meted out. This practice does not allow that special bond between the kids and the parents to be formed.

Comparing The Child

Well, this is an aspect you will find most parents practicing. The parents are constantly comparing their kids with others. They may be cousins, friends, or even classmates. However, this can give rise to a feeling of self-criticizing among the kid who may believe that he is not good for anything. Moreover, the role models for the kid should be someone older than him, not someone who studies with him.

Making Use Of A Criticizing Tone

Bad parents often make use of a criticizing note when they are talking to the kid. This leads to a feeling of negativity among kids. Moreover, this may even make your kid a bully. The reason is that kids give what they get at home. If you often criticize them at home, they may believe that it is perfectly fine to do so in the society as well.


Bad parenting cannot be harmful only for the kid but for you as a parent as well. The reason is that bad parent skills will never create that desired strong bond between you and your kid.