Types Of Parenting Styles Baumrind: Things You Should Understand

Parenting Styles Baumrind, you will find a few common even though every child and every parent is different. You need to understand the common parenting styles that can be applied in your house too. However, by learning a few parenting styles you can decide where actually you fit in.

Types Of Parenting Styles: Things You Should Understand
Types Of Parenting Styles: Things You Should Understand

Parenting Styles Baumrind

There are many interesting things that you need to learn about parenting. One of the best things about parenting is we need to learn and plan how we are going to raise our kids. You may also follow your own unique method or learn and adopt some of the methods that are already explained. There will be many kinds of variations and at the same time a lot of commonalities among parents in methods they follow to raise their children. However, based on all these researches came up with 4 parenting styles which are common in most of the parents.

Parenting styles can be understood as strategies that you make use of in raising your children. However, Diane Baumrind did research in 1960 and listed out 4 categories that are the common references for parenting styles. The following are 4 parenting styles of Baumrind that comes with unique characteristics and names. They are:

  • Authoritative
  • Uninvolved
  • Indulgent or Permissive
  • Disciplinarian or Authoritarian

Understanding These 4 Parenting Styles


  • These are kind of parents that are said to be most disciplined
  • They come up with highly strict styles but there is no place for negotiation
  • Punishment is very common
  • Usually, the communication happens in a single way
  • Rules are not explained clearly also
  • These parents are considered to be very less nurturing
  • Limited flexibility and high expectations

Permissive Parenting Style

  • These are kind of indulgent parents
  • They easily let their children lead their own lifestyle
  • Moreover, very limited direction and guidance
  • More than parents are friends
  • Completely open communication
  • Children make their own decisions
  • These parents are nurturing and warm
  • Minimal expectations or no expectations

Uninvolved Parenting style

  • Firstly, they give full freedom to children
  • Parents never come in their children’s way
  • Some parents in this category have the interest to make few conscious decisions and others are not at all interested
  • Some are unsure about whether to make a decision or not
  • There is no particular style of discipline
  • Very limited communication
  • Lack of caring also
  • Little nurturing can be seen in parents of this category but they are very less in number
  • Some parents have few expectations but the majority of them have no expectations
Types Of Parenting Styles: Things You Should Understand
Types Of Parenting Styles: Things You Should Understand

Authoritative Parenting Style

  • These parents are highly reasonable and they are nurturing also
  • They come with clear and high expectations
  • Mostly the children in this category of parenting have a good amount of discipline
  • However, this is the parenting style that has a lot of benefits and it is better for children
  • All the rules set are the clear and very clear explanation behind them
  • Even though less communication, it is appropriate when done
  • Moreover, these parents are nurturing
  • Even though goals and expectations are high, parents explain them clearly
  • They allow children to provide their inputs for their goals also

Bottom Line

These are types of parenting styles that are commonly found and it is left you and you need to choose the right one for your children.

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