Perfect Guide To Authoritative Parenting


There are numerous ways to raise your child and one of them is authoritative parenting. This type of parenting has been categorized as “Balanced Parenting” by numerous experts. Being a parent is not an easy task and every parent has his or her own parenting style to follow. Well, this type of parenting style invests time in seeking democratic ways of raising and dealing with kids.

Well, let’s learn a bit more about authoritative parenting.

Perfect Guide To Authoritative Parenting
Perfect Guide To Authoritative Parenting

Authoritative Parenting Basics

Parents following this parenting style encourage their kids to speak their mind while laying down the rules. Moreover, they also explain the reason for these rules. For example, they believe in telling that eating breakfast will make them strong and thus it is essential to have a proper breakfast.

Thus, authoritative parenting gets characterized by both effective emotional responsiveness and high expectations from the kid. This parenting style is a balanced approach which does not gives an upper hand to neither the parent nor the kid.

Authoritative Parenting Pointers

Perfect Guide To Authoritative Parenting
Perfect Guide To Authoritative Parenting

  • Authoritative parenting is all about becoming a good role model for the kids. For example, telling a kid to switch off the extra electricity when there is no need.
  • This parenting style teaches the kids to respect other viewpoints as well.
  • The kids raised through this style are more responsive and know all about dignity and love in a relationship.
  • A proper system is created for completing roles and responsibilities together.

Tips To Become A Better Authoritative Parent

Let’s learn about certain effective tips regarding authoritative parenting.

Make Sure To Listen To Your Child

It is imperative to listen to your child, unlike authoritarian parents who believe in just laying down rules. However, you need to make efforts to listen to their views and even welcome their ideas. Giving positive attention to the kids will definitely help them grow to be more attentive and responsive.

Take Your Child’s Feelings Into Consideration

Try to take into consideration your child’s feelings as well. This does not mean that the child gets an equal voice in every issue. You need to lay down the rules and tell who is in charge. For example, if you are planning to move to another city, ask him what he feels about it. However, do not ask whether it is OK to move or not.

Make Efforts To Establish Clear Rules

You need to make clear household rules. However, this does not mean that you can break these rules at the drop of a hat. You just need to make sure that your kids are well-aware of the rules and they also know that it is important to follow them.  Also, make sure that your child knows the reason behind the rules and understands them. This would also make sure that the child will definitely follow the rules even when you are not there to enforce them. Thus, the authoritative parenting style implies being an enforcer of the rules but in a balanced and authoritative way.