Parental Guidance: To What Extent? -

Parental Guidance: To What Extent?

Parental Guidance: To What Extent?

Time flies, especially when it concerns your kids. Parental guidance is imperative when the kids are young but the question is what afterward? To what extent is parental guidance needed? Well, this is a difficult question to answer. What is the importance of parental guidance in a child’s life?

Well, let’s find answers to these excruciating questions.

Age Matters

Parental Guidance: To What Extent?
Parental Guidance: To What Extent?

The fact that parents show concern about their kids’ life results in less violent behavior among kids. It is a fact that no child is born with a violent personality. Even if they do, proper parental guidance can curb this tendency. However, as the kid grows, he wants to experiment and seek answers to his questions elsewhere. Well, this is the time to put a little brake on too much of parent’s guidance. Do not be too much inquisitive about whether your kid needs your guidance or not.

Too Much Of Everything Is Bad

Well, parental guidance also comes under this scanner. Thus, there should be a limit to when and to what extent do you want to give your valuable advice. Teenagers believe that they know it all. In fact, most of the kids go haywire at this particular age only. Moreover, this is the age they develop acute differences with their parents. Thus, make sure that you do not go overboard when it comes to parent’s guidance at this particular age.

Opinion Matters

You need to realize that although you have given life to your child, it does not mean that you have full control over him. Your kids have their own opinion about certain things. Thus, the parent’s guidance should not rob them of this particular right.

Parental Guidance: To What Extent?
Parental Guidance: To What Extent?

Right Versus Wrong

Parents have a responsibility of helping their kids realize the difference between right and wrong. However, this does not mean that you are liable to impose your decisions on your kids. Remember, they are also growing up to be mature adults and you cannot simply brush them away in such critical situations.


Confidence is definitely the most important aspect of developing a relationship. Thus, you need to make efforts to develop this strong thread called confidence with your kids. They should not feel that they cannot come to you when a difficult situation arises. However, this also does not imply that they can take you for granted. Talk to them, discuss things with them, but also draw a particular line.

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