Parental Guidance: Accused Of Sexual Abuse?

Parental Guidance: Accused of Sexual Abuse?

Parental Guidance is very much important for every child so that they can learn the best thing and can save from any harassment. When a child is sexually abused, the abuse is said to be “unfounded” by the Child Welfare system in the United States. This statement is used by those who would support the decision to protect and shield the perpetrator instead of protecting the child. The word “unfounded” is used because there is no way for the law to prove that the abuse occurred. But what if sexual abuse occurred and there was evidence that the abuse did occur?

Parental Guidance

Parental Guidance: Accused of Sexual Abuse?
Parental Guidance: Accused of Sexual Abuse?

Cases of false allegations of a child sexual abuse are relatively rare. However, false reports are not unheard of. Law enforcement officials and lawyers alike often use rumors and hearsay to charge suspects with sexual abuse crimes. If a parent knew or should have known that their child was being abused and did nothing to stop it, they could be criminally liable. If a parent tried to silence a witness or obstruct justice, this could lead to criminal charges.

In cases where a parent knows or should know that they have been abused and does nothing to stop it, they could be criminally liable. If a parent had any knowledge that their child was being abused, it would be in their best interest to seek out professional help. There are programs available that can help a child who has been abused to heal and recover.

Tips For Parental Guidance

If you suspect that your child has been sexually abused, you should contact the state’s Sex Offender Registry. There are police departments that maintain files on sex offenders. You can search the sex offender registry database by entering the person’s name and the state where the offender lives. Search online and there are other ways to find the information.

Certain types of crime can require you to report to authorities. Reporting a crime to law enforcement, including sexual abuse, is required by law. If you suspect that a parent is committing a crime, you can report the crime by contacting your local police department. If the parent is convicted of a crime involving child molestation, then you could be sued by the parent.

Know More

By filing a complaint against the parent, you can obtain a copy of the parent’s record. If you are worried about the procedure you will have to go through, there are several websites that will assist you. Some of these websites have been around for years and do not require you to fill out a form or pay for anything. These websites will be able to provide you with the police report and the court documents related to the case.

If you have a clear understanding of how the law works and what actions should be taken, then you should consult an attorney before filing a case. You can get legal advice from an attorney you choose to contact. You can also use the services of your local law library to search for articles on a child sexual abuse.

If you feel that the abuse that you or your child suffered was not sexual in nature, then you can contact the local county court. There are specialized courts for victims of neglect, abandonment, and physical or emotional abuse. The county court system can provide you with a service to remove a sex offender and order the person to be monitored.


It is important to protect yourself and your children and the most important contact person is your family physician. Your physician will make sure that you do not develop a drug abuse problem. This is very important for your mental and physical health. After all, it is only when you develop a drug abuse problem that you may develop other problems.

You can also contact your primary care physician. Your primary care physician will be able to provide you with advice on how to identify signs of sexual abuse. You can also speak to your psychiatrist about how to get treatment for the problem.

Bottom Line

Parental Guidance: Accused of Sexual Abuse?
Parental Guidance: Accused of Sexual Abuse?

A therapist can also help you to deal with the child’s case and help the child heal from the trauma. Sometimes you will need to see a specialist such as a psychologist. Once you have made arrangements for child help, make sure you always get all the needed paperwork.

You can file a complaint against the abuser using the state’s “Unfounded Report” law which is found in the Uniform Statewide Crime Reporting Act. A certified solicitor will need to sign the form to establish that the report is true and correct. The parents should keep copies of the form and also be aware that the law protects their rights in the event the abuse case goes to court.

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