Happy Parenting: Tips To Choose Clothes For Newborn Baby Girl

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For a mom-to-be, choosing the right type of newborn baby girl clothes can be quite confusing. While you are obviously all excited about shopping for all different types of baby clothes, owning a few can get you all sorted initially. The initial days of post-partum put a mom in a lot of stress. With settling down at home, managing daily chores and looking after a new baby, things can get quite daunting. In between all this, baby clothes are the last thing you want to focus on. To help you with your baby girl’s first wardrobe. Here are a few tips that you can use while choosing the right newborn baby clothes.

Happy Parenting! Tips To Choose Clothes For Newborn Baby Girl
Happy Parenting: Tips To Choose Clothes For Newborn Baby Girl

Tips To Choose The Right Newborn Baby Girl Clothes

Safety is the Priority

Safety here is in regards to the baby’s health. Do not pick up clothes that have a lot of frills, nets or embellishments that might poke your girl and cause a rash on her skin. Also, the buttons or embellishments may come off and may increase the risk of choking.


Never make your baby wear a size that is smaller than her actual size. Babies grow quickly and you might want to make use of the dress you just brought, even if it has become a tad too small. But doing so, will not only cause your baby discomfort, it might harm the skin and also disrupt blood circulation. You can buy a size bigger, but not more as it might keep falling off the shoulders and not let your baby move freely.

Fire-safe Sleepwear

This will always protect your baby against unfortunate incidents. Such fire-resistant fabrics have special washing instructions that you must take care of.

Buy Trendy Clothes

You can buy onesies, beanie hats, matching socks and shoes, frocks, rompers, skirts and tops, kimono tops and everything that is available on the market for your baby’s size. Just ensure that you pick soft and baby-safe fabrics.

Check Your Baby’s Weight Rather Than Age Before Buying

Do not buy baby girl clothes as per her age. Rather, check her size and buy clothes accordingly. Your baby might be a little healthy for her age and fit in a size bigger than her age. Similarly, some babies are too tiny and petite and might fit in smaller age clothes.

Easy to Put on and Take-off

This is an important point to notice while buying newborn baby girl clothes. Do not buy clothes that are difficult to make your baby wear or difficult to remove. Babies are very wriggly and you might make both of you uncomfortable while trying to get your baby inside or out of a dress.

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Happy Parenting: Tips To Choose Clothes For Newborn Baby Girl

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