Make Your Own Cloth Book


Most of the mothers love to make customized gifts for their babies and later on these gifts become memories. If you are a new mom and want to use your creativity, then you can make a cloth book for your little one. Wondering how to make your own cloth book, then here we are to help you.

Kids love to look at the photographs and to identify them in pictures. But usually, the photos get dirty or damage when they get flipped again and again. A cloth book is the best solution to this issue. In a cloth book, you can keep the photographs safe, and it also resembles your creativity.

Make Your Own Cloth Book
Make Your Own Cloth Book

So, let’s know how to make a pad with photographs on cloth, and we will start with the required supplied to make this memorable gift for your kid;

How To Make A Cloth Book

The basic requirements to make this wonderful gift are garment, photographs and lots of creativity. You don’t need to be a trained and experienced crafter to make a clothes book. If you are an amateur Crafter, then this book will be more special for you and your kid. So, without much ado let’s know how to make a cloth notepad;

Supplies To Make A Cloth Book   

To make a Picture-book, you will need the following things;

  • White cotton fabric or Cotton Drill 
  • Thin quilting batting (non-fusible fleece)
  • T-shirt transfer paper
  • Bias binding
  • Photographs
  • Computer To Edit the Photographs 
  • Inkjet printer To Print the Photograph 
  • Rotary Cotton
  • Needle
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Scissors and ruler
Make Your Own Cloth Book
Make Your Own Cloth Book


So here are the instructions to tell you how to make a cloth book. Follow them and make a cloth book with cute pics of your baby.

First of all, you need to choose the perfect pics of your baby and edit them with the help of software. Various software is available that can give different effects to the photographs. 

Crop and resize the pics as well according to the size of cloth-book. After editing the photographs take their print outs.

Cut white cotton fabric into rectangles a bit bigger than the size of pics. The size you will give to this sheet will be the size of the book. 24cm x 22cm will be an ideal size for this picture-book. 

To print your photograph on the t-shirt cloth, follow the manufacturer’s instruction. Generally, the pictures have to iron on the t-shirt.

Now you will have to decide the serial of the photographs to make the clothing based picture book. To create the pages of the book take the first two pages of the book, put them face to face pin and stitch two sides of sheets together. By following this procedure, make more pages and cut the extra cloth with the scissor. Assemble all the pages to bind a garment-pad.

 To assemble them lie them flat and sew them from the middle. Stitching the photographs on the pieces of clothing is the same as binding a book. If you want you can make the pics more attractive by adding the binding on the edges of the book.