Knit Baby Blankets: For Newborns And Toddlers


Newborns are neurologically unstable. They are inside a tight and enclosed area, the uterus. At the end of the pregnancy, they are tightly held. When the child is born, all that coziness, warmth, and security are suddenly gone. It must be like walking off the edge of a tall building. You notice that the newborn’s limbs flail about, probably searching for those warm, soft walls they’re used to. The receiving Knit baby blankets are very light but warm, usually flannel. The nurses in the OB wards show parents how to swaddle their infants. This recreates some tight-bound security and warmth they are missing. Fussy infants find it very comforting. 

Knit Baby Blankets For The Newborns And Toddlers
Knit Baby Blankets: For Newborns And Toddlers

Can You Use The Knit Baby Blankets For Toddlers?

I haven’t used it in years. I’m close to 18 now. It has been a shred of rainbow cloth for at least ten years now. I used it religiously as a child in daycare. My parents dreaded the days I left it there and couldn’t sleep without.

Recently, my mom bought me a new mattress (3 months before I go to university. Why not earlier). My blanket went right under that mattress, where it will stay.

A groundhog builds a bear named Shadow replaced it when I was ~9 years old.

I love Shadow. He’s on my bookshelf with my two other favorite build a bear. His fur is marred and faded. He has a barely legible cardboard tag.

Shadow has been in replacement for my cat monster, Rebel.

Rebel entered my life when I was 13, and now, I much prefer living things when I sleep. Rebel sleeps at my feet, so I always like to sleep with one foot softly, touchable, to know he’s there. He’s rarely there when I wake up, but him being there at night is more important. I don’t fear the dark, in the same manner, I child would, but Rebel’s presence makes me feel safer, to know that I’m not alone, even though I know he will never protect me from monsters in the dark because he’s a lazy bum.

Knit Baby Blankets For The Newborns And Toddlers
Knit Baby Blankets: For Newborns And Toddlers

A Different Experience

Isn’t it strange how attached they can get too specific blankets? Of my five kids, only two of them became attached to their sheets. My one daughter is now 16 and no longer sleeps with the ugly, ratty scrap of cloth that I thought was attached to her umbilical cord for sure. However, when we moved abroad, she brought it with us. “To give to my kids someday, Mum.”

My son is 13 and still has his. He now has two. He still sleeps with the blanket he had as a baby, and a friend made him a gorgeous quilt that enjoys wrapping up in when watching a movie or when he’s sick. His blankie from babyhood is a leopard print fleece blanket that he wraps around his head and shoulders at night.

I’m now a lot more relaxed about it than when his sister was eight and still attached to her blanket. It doesn’t harm them, and if it makes them feel safe, cuddly, and cozy, it’s better at that age to get those feelings from a blanket than a member of the opposite sex.