How To Check What Parenting Styles Do You Have?


Parenting is considered to be unique to each parent. It differs according to the bonding with the child. How do you identify your parenting style?

Different Parenting Styles

How To Check What Parenting Styles You Have?
How To Check What Parenting Styles Do You Have?

Diana Baumrind, a famous clinical physiologist, has categorized these parenting styles in four common groups:

  • Authoritarian or Disciplinarian
  • Permissive or Indulgent
  • Uninvolved
  • Authoritative

Authoritarian Parenting

  • Firstly, they use discipline rather than negotiation. Moreover, for them, punishment is a common clause.
  • In addition, communication is mostly from parents to children. Also, the rules which they establish are not explained.
  • Such parents are often less nurturing. Also, they have high expectations from the kids with very less flexibility.

Permissive Parenting

  • Their disciplinary style is the exact opposite of being strict. They have no rules or very few ones for the child to follow.
  • They are more warm and caring than others.
  • Their expectations are minimal and are not exactly laid down.
  • The communication channel is perfectly open and there is no barrier between the parents and the kids.
How To Check What Parenting Styles You Have?
How To Check What Parenting Styles Do You Have?

Uninvolved Parenting

  • There is no kind of discipline. An uninvolved parent is not concerned about the child at all.
  • Communication is very limited between the parent and the child.
  • Moreover, these parents offer less nurturing.
  • There are few or no expectations from the child as well.

Authoritative Parenting

  • They set clear disciplinary rules and even have clear reasons behind them.
  • These parents are highly nurturing.
  • Moreover, the communication is frequent between the parents and the children.
  • Expectations are highly set.

What Is Your Parenting Style?

You will not necessarily fit into one type of parenting style. A parent can fit into different types of parenting. In fact, it is advisable to think of these styles as a continuum instead of distinct ways. Moreover, your parenting style depends upon the present situation your child is in. Thus, you can identify your parenting style according to the situation you are dealing with.


You can also know about the particular parenting style through various online quizzes. Various pediatricians and health practitioners have assembled various questions which can assist you in judging the parenting style. E