Guide To Permissive Parenting


Permissive parenting is a type in which the parent and the child get along very well. It is also known as ’lenient parenting’. Also, these kinds of parents are very responsive to their child’s needs. They are less demanding and have low expectations from their kids. These parents tend to be very loving and believe in laying down fewer rules. Moreover, they try to be more of a friend than a parent.

What Is Permissive Parenting?

Permissive parenting is a type in which the parents are very lenient and are not concerned about the rules at all. They want to be really ‘cool’ with their kids and do not want to be harsh. They are extremely relaxed and do not try at all to control their kids. This parenting style was described in detail by Baumrind.

Guide To Permissive Parenting
Guide To Permissive Parenting

Loving And Nurturing

Permissive parents are very loving and nurturing towards the kids. However, this can be a little taxing in the later stages of parenting. The reason is that too much of anything is bad. With so much love and care, the kid may not be able to grow into a mature person. Such parents may not realize but they may be burdening the kid with their extra love and affection.

No Routines

A major sign of permissive parenting is that the parents do not believe in making any strict routines for the kid. Well, this also can have adverse effects on the child’s growth. The reason is that the lack of a proper routine may make the child careless, and with no value of time.

Too Much Rewards

Guide To Permissive Parenting
Guide To Permissive Parenting

While an authoritarian parent believes more in giving out punishments, permissive parenting deals more with rewards. The parent feels that by giving many rewards, they will get closer to the child. However, with this, the kid may not realize the importance of failures in life. Also, the kid may not be ready to accept the struggles or failures in life.

Too Much Of Screen Time

They believe in giving a lot of screen time, as well as junk food, to their kids. This obviously can have an adverse effect on kids. They become more prone to gadgets and would even put their studies behind.

Bribing With Toys

Another feature of permissive parenting is that they believe in bribing the kid with toys. For example, if they want the kid to study well for the exam, they will try to bribe him with sweets. Also, after some time, the kid realizes that he can have his own liking with some persuasion.


When the parents get too lenient, the kids tend to develop some really easy-going personality traits. Thus, experts often talk against this type of parenting.