Guide To Attachment Parenting: Benefits And Principles


Attachment parenting is soon becoming a fashionable issue among parents. The emphasis is on different aspects such as parent-child relationship, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, etc. However, the question is what is actually attachment parenting and how is it beneficial for the kids? This kind of parenting makes use of attachment’s idea as a psychology factor. Moreover, as per experts, this parenting style is known to infuse more confidence among kids and enable them to grow into responsible adults.

Guide To Attachment Parenting: Benefits And Principles
Guide To Attachment Parenting: Benefits And Principles

Attachment Parenting Basics

Attachment parenting came into existence in the year 1980s. US pediatricians William Sears and his spouse Martha Sears introduced this type of parenting. As per these experts, modern life has led to a detachment between parents and kids. This has led to a feeling of sadness among kids who seem to be lost in their own world. Thus, parents need to make efforts to rebuild this attachment between them and the kids.

Attachment Parenting Pointers

  • It is often said that kids who are raised through this parenting are much more secure and happy as compared to their counterparts.
  • Attachment parenting is not at all about creating rules. It is all about developing that special bond between the parents and kids.
  • This parenting style has developed into a full time school of thought advocated by many parenting experts, pediatricians, and experts.

Principles Of Attachment Parenting

The experts have laid down some main principles related to attachment parenting. These are:

Guide To Attachment Parenting: Benefits And Principles
Guide To Attachment Parenting: Benefits And Principles

Always Feed With Love And Care

While feeding the child, make sure that you do it with love and care. In fact, breastfeeding is the best way to accomplish this. It definitely helps you in creating a secure and special bond with your child. Moreover, it also gives an idea to the infant child that parents are there by his side to listen to his cues and fulfil the needs.

Make Sure To Respond With Sensitivity

While following this type of parenting style, parents feel that all kinds of emotional expressions made by the kid are important. They feel that even the emotional outbursts are important ways of communication with the parents, including the tantrums. Thus, these emotional outbursts also need to be taken into consideration and paid attention to.

Make Use Of Nurturing Touch

Touch plays an imperative role in this particular parenting. In fact, the experts advocating this kind of parenting advice to include maximum skin to skin touches. These touches infuse a feeling of love and affection in the kid. Moreover, the kid realizes that he has all the needed support in the world in the form of his parents.

Always Provide Constant Love And Care

This parenting style always advocates for constant love and care for the child. It is the duty of the parent to make sure that he or she is always present by the side of the parent. Moreover, the parent is also responsible for showing constant love and care towards the child. Infact, experts advocate against more than 25 hours of childcare during the week for the baby.