Four Common Types Of Parenting Styles


Parenting comes naturally and there is no Bible for that. In fact, there are no particular manuals for making parenting successful for you. Everyone has his own parenting style. Generally, parenting can be classified into 4 main types. Knowing about these main parenting styles can definitely help you in being a successful parent.

Moreover, these parenting styles also help experts in bringing out effective theories and studies helpful for child-rearing.

Four Common Types Of Parenting Styles
Four Common Types Of Parenting Styles


An authoritarian parent is someone who believes in forming his own rules for the kid. This kind of parent may be really strict when it comes to following the rules and discipline. A famous quote of this kind of parenting style is “because I said so.” Their main focus is on obedience and they do not want to listen to any kind of excuse from the kid. Moreover, these parents also believe in giving out punishments if the rules are not followed.


These kinds of parents make sure that they lay down the rules but do not enforce them. Moreover, these parents also believe that little or no interference will make kids learn on their own. If the kid promises to be good or begs a little, this kind of parent is ready to let go of the rules laid down. However, kids may sometimes take advantage of this type of parent.


This kind of parents believes in making efforts to maintain a really positive relationship with their kid. Also, these parents pay attention to their kids’ feelings and consider them. However, they make sure that they always stay in charge even when they listen to their kids. They believe in explaining the reasons behind their rules and not just enforce them.

Four Common Types Of Parenting Styles
Four Common Types Of Parenting Styles


This type of parents is not at all concerned about the child’s growth. They do not ask questions to the kids, do not know about what is happening in their lives, and do not know who are the important people in their lives. They expect their kids to raise themselves and do not believe in spending some quality time with their kids. These parents do not even make efforts to get close to their kids.


All these parenting styles are unique in themselves and apart from each other. You will not find traces of one style overpowering the other. Every kind of style has its own tips and tricks to follow. Moreover, a parent may not always fall in the same kind of category. For example, a parent may be permissive sometimes and sometimes authoritative. With dedication and hard work, you can become the perfect parent for your child.