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Different Parenting Styles You Should Know

Different parenting styles have been described for a long time. However, recent studies have done a great job of explaining them and shedding light on why some families work while others do not. Some parenting styles help children and some can be destructive to a child’s development. The child’s temperament, parenting methods, school systems, and his or her school plays a role in determining how a child’s life is going to turn out.

There are many different parenting styles, but you need to know which styles can be good for your child. There are three major styles that parenting experts will tell you about. In order to decide which of these parenting styles is best for your child, the following tips can help.

Different Parenting Styles You Should Know
Different Parenting Styles You Should Know

Authoritarian Parenting Style

Authoritarian parenting is the parental role that places a high priority on strict rules. These rules, if violated, are not simply minor infractions. Parents may punish children severely for seemingly petty offenses.

Some parenting experts say that parenting this way is harmful because it can create a conflict between the child and the parent. Children who are not very fortunate in school learn how to behave when their parents tell them what to do. When children feel that they are living in a family without rules, they are much more likely to act up. However, children who are accustomed to a father or mother who exerts authority over them may learn to obey without question.

Even so, authoritarian parenting has drawbacks as well. One of the problems is that children who feel powerless may make bad choices because they lack guidance. Also, children who are raised this way are more likely to be afraid of making mistakes. They will enjoy living in fear. Children who are taught to fear others are much more likely to act like the mean kids.

Authoritative parenting involves the use of rewards and consequences to teach children how to behave. Parents who are involved in authoritative parenting teach children right from wrong, and this teaches them to develop correct behavior. On the other hand, negative parenting involves providing little or no guidance and punishment. Although this style does not encourage any particular behavior, it does not discourage either.

Punitive Parents

Punitive parents may resort to harsh punishments, but this may be ineffective if there is no love in the relationship. The result is often children who do not learn the right way and end up making poor choices. Parents need to think long and hard before choosing punitive parenting for their children.

Coercive parenting is characterized by having firm authority. Coercive parents are more likely to spank their children when they do something wrong. However, these types of parents do want their children to follow directions. So there may be a good reason for the discipline.

In fact, consistent behavior from children who are disciplined in this way may lead them to develop successful careers and they are likely to go on to become better adults. Children who are placed under the control of a very controlling parent may have trouble relating to others or developing friendships. On the other hand, children who learn how to cope with negative discipline may in turn become very effective in school, and this leads to better outcomes.

Final Thoughts

The only problem with different parenting styles is that children learn from their environment. If a child observes an authoritative parent that uses harsh and aggressive parenting methods, that child will most likely imitate this style. In fact, in some cases, children are the ones who give voice to these parental styles and they can even create specific behavior patterns for their future lives.

Different Parenting Styles You Should Know
Different Parenting Styles You Should Know

Being a parent is one of the most important decisions a person can make in a child’s life. Parents have to be strong, trustworthy, compassionate, and patient. For this reason, finding the right parenting style can mean the difference between a happy and healthy child and a child that suffer many emotional, physical, and behavioral problems.

In order to help your child to become a well-adjusted and successful adult, you need to understand your parenting style. You have to decide whether you are going to be an authoritarian or an authoritative or fair-handed parent. If you are authoritarian, you will need to give your child every opportunity to succeed and if you are an authoritative parent, you will need to enforce good behavior.

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