All About Toxic Parents


Parents have a strong influence on a child’s mental, physical, and emotional health. Thus, if given a choice, every kid would love to have a parent who is understanding, supporting, and loving. However, just like any other important subject, parenting has different aspects, and toxic parents are one of them.

Now, the question is who are toxic parents? What are the signs? How do you identify a toxic parent?

Who Are Toxic Parents?

Well, there are some really different definitions about the term “toxic parents.” However, generally, these parents believe that they have full right over their kid, whether physically or mentally. Such parents also believe that they have actually done a favor to the kid by bringing him into the world.

All About Toxic Parents
All About Toxic Parents


These parents tend to put their own interests before the ones of the kids. They are not concerned about the kids’ feelings. Moreover, they are not bothered about their behavior that has a strong impact on their kids.

Emotionally Reactive

Toxic parents are highly reactive when it comes to show their emotions. They are not able to handle their emotions well and can overreact in many situations. Thus, they also do not believe in correcting their display of emotions when being in public.

All About Toxic Parents
All About Toxic Parents


These parents do not believe in taking their own responsibilities. Moreover, if a situation arises in the family, they will be the first one to back out. In addition, they will start blaming the kid to make him the scapegoat of the situation.


These parents are harsh and aggressive all the time. Some may be passive aggressors. This implies that they may be using snide remarks or give the kid a silent treatment for long hours.


These parents can be really cruel as well. They may intentionally try to harm the kid emotionally on minor mistakes. Moreover, they may even try to be insensitive to the child’s needs.


Not only does the parent believes that he should have high expectations from the child, but he is also always in competition with the kid. Thus, instead of encouraging the kid about his small success, they try to put him down by saying something cruel.

Kid Feels Bad In Their Company

Due to their harsh behavior, the kid may not want to spend quality time with the parents. The kids dread talking to the parents. Moreover, he is terrified of failing in life, no matter what the situation is.


Toxic parents can actually have a very bad impact on the kid’s lives. Moreover, they may not allow the kids to grow mentally, physically, and emotionally. In addition, they may just try to treat the kids as an asset and nothing else.